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I want to take a moment to talk about the up coming Kickstarter to publish a large run of

The Book of Dream Names : Sigil Oracle.

This unique oracle deck has been slowly developed over the last 10 years.

Through the readings of this sigil oracle you will get not only the name, but also the sigil of a djinn (a spirit that creates change in accordance to your Desire, Belief and Will)


To raise enough funding to publish at least 1000 copies of The Book of Dream Names : Sigil Oracle. In order to be able to get it in to occult shops and large retail outlets.

The lowest goal level, which we are still working on quotes from manufacture and fulfillment center to set the cost for, we include the 72 card deck with a small booklet and be in a simple tuck-box.

Stretch Goals:

  1. Upgrade box to a two part hard box

  2. Upgrade box to a book style box with a magnetic claps, include a small bag to keep and carry the deck in

  3. App with reading and sigil design on your smart phone

  4. Full length in depth book about the sigil oracle (this would be sold separate at retail, but backer that get a deck would get it include at no extra cost)

Reward Tiers:

Still working on the reward tiers but a couple I can tell you about:

  1. Early Bird - which will be less then retail, will only be available for the first week

  2. Pre-Register - at retail price but you will get the deck before it is available at stores

  3. Occult Shop - 4-8 decks 30-40% off retail

  4. Wholesale - 11+ decks 40-60% off retail

  5. Deluxe Set - includes altar cloth, a wood book box (like the one Vovin uses) Laser Engraved by Vovin with your name on it. (there will be a limited numbers of this)

As well as different merch add-ons from The Algol Stone shop


The plan is to have the campaign go live on the equinox (3-20) and be one month long.

The manufacture that we are working with has a 6-8 week production time, with 4-6 shipping time. Early Bird and Pre-Register will be fulfilled first. The Deluxe Set will take a extra 2-4 weeks to fulfill. Retail and Whole sale with be fulfilled after Early Bird and Pre-Register with been shipped. The app has a estimated development time of 6 months. The book has a estimated fulfillment time of less than a year.

Thank you for your interest in The Book of Dream Names : Sigil Oracle. If you have not signed up for the mailing list please do. You will receive a free sigil oracle reading monthly as well as coupons for products on The Algol Stone. Sign Up Here

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