Who are the Elder Djinn of The Book of Dream Names

We at SigilOracle.com started the New Year, with the release of the Elder Djinn T-shirt collection. Each of these t-shirts had the sigil seal of one of the elders of the eight trybes. But who are they and how do they relate to the under lying majik of The Book of Dream Names?

Each elder represents the purist and most balance vison of the planetary energy that are embody in the trybes. There are nine cards in each of the eight trybes. Form these the three cards that make up the name of the elders can be found using the Algolian Alchemical formula.

Algolian Alchemical formula begins with Desire. The whole point of the Algolian system is to create change in accordance with your Desire, Belief and Will. Desire is the spark of change, that want for live to be different than it is now. This brings us to three cards of the trybe we are looking at that are in the phase of desire. With Desire we pair the first element of the the alchemical working, Sulfur. Sulfur brakes down old patterns and release energy for the working. This is the burning away of the dross that the essence can be found.

We find the other two letters in the same way. The second letter is a mirage of Belief and Mercury. Both being adaptation and transformation. This is where we shape the clay of our new life. Finally we have Will and Salt. Both are creating a fixed structure. This is where the change is where the change becomes manifest.

This Algolian Alchemical formula is displaced in the seal of the djinn with the Triangle, Square and Pentagon, with the planetary sign in a circle.

Each Shirt description includes what changes that Elder can help you create in your life. Go get yours now!

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